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In recognition of longstanding leadership in furthering the professional identity of psychology, LRPA receives a Public Education award from the Ontario Psychological Association (2003)

Pictured here are (from left to right): psychologists Dr. Bill Newby, Dr. Beth Mitchell, Dr. Ian Nicholson, Dr. Gloria Grace, and Dr. Sid Freedman.













LRPA Award for Psychology Service Provider of the Year

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the professional practice of Psychology in the London and surrounding areas. Contributions may include clinical service provision, training, advocacy, public education or involvement with professional or regulatory organizations.

2014 award winner Dr. Kathy Berg

Pictured here is 2014 recipient Dr. Kathy Berg (right); presenting the award is Dr. Peter Hoaken (left).




2013 LRPA Practitioner Award Winner: Dr. Peter Prior!

Dr. Peter Prior (pictured are Dr. Peter Prior (left); presenting the award is Mr. Matthew Shanahan)


2012 LRPA Practitioner Award Winner: Dr. Felicia Otchet!

Dr. Felicia Otchet (pictured are Dr. Ian Nicholson (left), presenting the award to Dr. Otchet)

2011 LRPA Award Recipient: Dr. Charles Nelson

Dr. Charles Nelson
(pictured is Dr. Nelson (left) receiving the award from Dr. Fred Meek)

Dr. Jack Ferrari
(pictured are Dr. Ferrari (left) receiving the award from Dr. Ian Nicholson)

Dr. David Dozois
(pictured are Dr. Dozois (left) receiving the award from Dr. Leora Swartzman)


Dr. Barrie Evans


Dr. Ian Nicholson


Dr. Helen Valerio

Dr. Judith-Ann (Judy) Short

Dr. David Wolfe


Dr. Bill Newby


Dr. Jim Mendonca


Dr. David Evans & Dr. Margaret Hearn (retirement tribute)


Dr. Warren Nielson


Dr. Gail Golden


Dr. Trevor Smith


Dr. Beth Mitchell


Dr. George Phils


Dr. Allan Lescheid


Dr. Margaret Howe


Dr. Doug Jackson


Dr. Peter Jaffe


Dr. Margaret Hearn


Dr. David Evans






























































LRPA Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Psychology Student

This award recognizes a student whose efforts in the past year have reflected admirably on the profession or practice of psychology in our area. Examples include involvement in advocacy, providing public education, helping to translate research into practice, or providing clinical service to under-serviced client groups. This award is based more on the quality of contribution, rather than on quantity of hours devoted to the effort. Also, the student’s noteworthy efforts may have taken place in the context of credited coursework, practicum or internship experiences, but should stand out in some way for the initiative, professionalism, or quality.

2014 Student of the Year Kyleigh Schraeder

Pictured here is 2014 recipient Ms. Kyleigh Schraeder (left); presenting the award is Dr. Felicia Otchet (right).



2013 LRPA Student Award Winner - Ms. Kim Edwards!

Kim Edwards (pictured are Ms. Kim Edwards (left); presenting the award is Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay)

LRPA Student Award 2012 Winner - Ms. Tara Morley

Tara Morley (pictured are Ms. Megan Hancock (left) presenting the award to Ms. Tara Morley)
2011 LRPA Student Award Recipient: Angela Shoemaker

Angela Shoemaker (pictured are Ms. Angela Shoemaker (left) receiving the award from Mr. Matthew Shanahan)

Juliana Tobon
(pictured are Ms. Juliana Tobon (left) receiving the award from Ms. Naomi Gryfe)
2009 LRPA Student Award Recipient: Advocacy Through Action

Advocacy Through Action (UWO student group; pictured are Ms. Naomi Gryfe (left) presenting to Ms. Vivien Lee, accepting on behalf of Adocacy Through Action)


Agnes Massak


































Is there a London area psychologist and/or psychology student who, in your view, has made notable contributions to our field?

To nominate an individual for a LRPA award, download form here.

    • Only LRPA members can put forth nominations (Become a LRPA member).
    • Nominees do not need to be members of LRPA.
    • Please complete the form and e-mail to the LRPA Nominating Chair by Friday May 1st, 2015.
    • Nominations will be compiled and reviewed by the Executive Committee.
    • Recipients honoured each June at the LRPA Annual General Meeting

Questions about the awards and/or nominating process? Contact the LRPA Nominating Chair









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